Stay Unique Ladies

I love being a lady and standing out from my man. He knows I can stand alone, but he also loves that I want him to wear the pants in the family, plus be the backbone, and protector in our relationship. We make decisions together, I value his decisions as much as he values mine. We are a team. We are a couple. But that doesn’t mean I have to lose my identity of being a lady. I know the things I can do as a woman, that no man would ever attempt. We do those things with grace and dignity, those are the things that make us stand out ladies. 😉

These are the things I observed  growing up, along with the love my parents had for one another. I am thankful I was born in 1959 where I was raised in an atmosphere of love, respect and uniqueness. 

Hugs, Love, Peace & Roars, 

Lion Queen

Muk Luks…My Feet Love Winter!

So for Christmas my Lion King asked me to give him some ideas. I told him I would find ads and put them on the fridge. I looked up one day and those ads were gone. I thought, WOW, he actually heard me! Which he usually does, so I can’t complain.

One thing on my list were the Muk Luk slippers. When I come home from work and have nothing else to do, I instantly unleash the “girls” from bra prison and put on my most comfy clothes. Growing up in Oklahoma we always went barefoot during the Summer, so when I get home I instantly kick off the shoes/boots and go with socks, flip flops, or house shoes. The ONLY reason I don’t go barefoot is due to the fact we have a cat in the house. Her litter box is in the laundry room and though her box is enclosed, she still manages to throw litter all over the place. Walking on that litter is like getting that food you hate to eat with the wrong texture. Can’t stand it!

Christmas Day my hate for walking into the laundry came to an end. My Lion King truly pulled through with all of my Christmas List and one of them being the Muk Luks. These are absolutely the most precious things I have put on my feet in months! I can wear them inside, outside, and possibly get by with wearing them to Wal-Mart. HA, do I dare?!! Probably some day….!

I have to say, my Muk Luks are the most comfortable, warmest, best Winter garment to ever embrace my feet!

Some of you are probably wondering why I am building these up so much, as they are basically a  slipper. Well I will tell you now, they go beyond that. They are pure comfort, and warmth. AND you can take your pooch out in the middle of the night in freezing rain, snow, below sub degrees, and never get cold. Well, at least your feet will not. 😉

If you have not put these on your feet, give them a try. They are phenomenal! Thanks my Love for giving me Winter Happy Feet!

Hugs, Love, Peace & Roars,

Lion Queen

Your Never to Old! 36 Prompts for a Great New Year!

1. One habit I am going to build. 

2. One bad habit I’m going to break.

3. One person I’m going to forgive. 

4. One person I’m going to befriend or reconnect with.

5. One person I’m going to spend more time with.

6. One way I’m going to strengthen my personal relationship.

7. One thing I’m going to create.

8. One negative I am going to drop. 

9. One positive belief I’m going to reinforce.

10. One unhealthy food I’m going to stop eating.

11. One healthy food I’m going to start eating.

12. One book I’m going to read.

13. One new place I’m going to visit.

14. One adventure I am going to go on.

15. One hobby I’m going to try.

16. One personal development goal I am going to achieve. 

17. One fitness goal I’m going to achieve.

18. One new food I’m going to try.

19. One fear I’m going to overcome.

20. One risk I’m going to take.

21. One thing I’m going to throw out.

22. One thing I’m going to save for and purchase.

23. One way I’m going to make more money.

24. One expense I’m cutting out.

25. One way I am going to stop wasting time. 

26. One skill I am going to learn.

27. One class I’m going to take or workshop I’m going to attend.

28. One way I’m going to make myself indispensable at work.

29. One thing I will no longer tolerate.

30. One way I’m going to keep my energy high. 

31. One way I’m going to relax and de-stress.

32. One way I’m going to get better sleep.

33. One way I’m going to have more fun. 

34. One small way in which I am going to make the world a better place. 

35. One bucket list item I’m crossing off.

36. One way I’m going to follow my bliss.

Hugs, Love, Peace & Roars, 

Lion Queen

Erase Your Face…It’s that Easy!

Ok ladies, here it is! I have not  used “soap” on my face since I was in my early 20’s. I started using “Neutrogena” glycerin soap as it did not dry my skin out. I have to admit, I was the WORST  when it came to washing my face in the evenings. I just blew it off knowing in the mornings I would wash my face with the Neutrogena in the shower and it would take off all of my makeup and the especially hard to get off, mascara! I know every single article you read says remove all makeup before going to bed, but I swear, after long days, coming home and being domestic, my energy level was null and void! I could have cared less if make up stayed on or came off by bed time. If I looked 30, 40, or 50 I seriously did not care. I was just ready to flop into bed and sleep!

A few years ago, Luke and I went to Blues, Bike and BBQ in Fayetteville, AR and stayed at the Chancellor Hotel. I immediately noticed as I was putting my makeup etc in the bathroom they had disposable makeup cloths. Oh glory be!!! My dream come true!!!! I did not have to feel guilty about not going through the excruciating hot water, soap on cloth, facial scrub down! I could instead come in after a long day of riding, walking, eating, concerts, socializing and hitting the bars, and merely rip open a package, and clean my face. It was a dream come true! After that I came back to Broken Arrow, hit the local Neighborhood Wal-Mart and found the cleansing clothes. Oh I was in heaven! Then I am out shopping one day and find these amazing wash clothes called “ERASE YOUR FACE”. No soap, no chemicals, no harsh rubbings. Just merely wet your rag and it takes off all makeup including waterproof mascara!

My friend Renee had a “My Favorite Things” Christmas party for 10 of her friends this year. We all took one item each of our favorite thing but for 10 people.  Therefore 10 people went home with 10 different items. It was awesome! I took the “ERASE YOUR FACE” and have received from several people, rave reviews! The only thing, be sure to wash the rags before use, as directed on package, or you will end up with fuzz!

I am a true believer in chemical free, natural things, especially when it comes to my facial cleansing. I purchased mine at SteinMart, they actually only had 8 but I went online and purchased the additional.

If you choose to try these I hope you love them as I do, as well as my friends! Please don’t be shy and share your thoughts.

Hugs, Love, Peace & Roars,

Lion Queen

Fifties and only Beginning