My Big Fat Mouth….

At our church, Pastor Craig is doing a series at church right now called “My Big Fat Mouth”. Trust me, my mouth has shot off more than once and yes I have regrets, and it wasn’t always directly at the person standing in front of me. He talked about how people say things behind others backs as well, and yes, I am guilty of that too. A strong point he made was a single critical word can pierce, stab, wound and even destroy a person. Those words can stick with us forever, and are not easily forgotten. But kind words can remain with us as well. Your words do indeed have power. As he said, “Don’t be a fault finder. Someone who looks to find what’s wrong, before you find what’s right. Instead be a hope dealer, use words of kindness and hope.” I was so inspired by his sermon yesterday, that I listened to it online today, as I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss anything. It was just as inspirational and motivating today as it was yesterday. There is so much hate and bitterness in the world today, it would be such a blessing to know people can change lives for the better by being hope pushers, vs using cruel words, being hateful towards others and being fault finders. I admire Pastor Craig for his honesty as he not only speaks the word of God, but he also uses his own life experiences to spread the word. And no, they are not always glamorous and perfect. They are at times painful and difficult. He knows he is only human, as we all are. I never walk out of church feeling that I am destined to Hell. I always feel better walking out, because I have learned and realized things in a different perspective.
We all make mistakes, we have regrets, we are not always right, & God needs to put his hand over our mouths at times. But we have a God who loves us unconditionally, and for that I am so thankful to him.

Hugs, Love, Peace & Roars,

Lion Queen