TGIF…In the Girlz Room!

I work for a beer/wine/spirits/energy drink distributor. Going on week #4 this Friday, what started out as a joke, turned into reality. Because the men outweigh the women about 95% men to 5% women we ladies decided to have a private tasting every Friday morning in the girls room! So here is last Friday’s taste testing. We had Granny’s Gingerbread liqueur, which was AMAZING,  and a shot of Captain Morgan’s Spiced rum and coke, which everyone loves!  We started out with about 4  people and look how it’s grown! We will try something new every week! I would love to keep you informed on what we find to be the best beer, wine, and spirits ever!

PS…I love my job!

Hugs, Love, Peace & Roars,

Lion Queen