Post Academy….

I have to say, for the first time in a very long time, I actually enjoyed the Oscars. Chris Rock was comical, and straight forward in regards to the Oscars being boycotted. Everything he said was spot on. The speeches were short and sweet, there was nothing long and drawn out. Lady Gaga was exceptional! There was nothing eye catching about the way the actress’s dressed, they all had the same theme. Low cut to the belly button, no necklace, which I am assuming was to focus on cleavage, nice earrings and an occasional nice bracelet.

As much as I was ready to throw the Oscars under the bus, I have to say, for this year, I’ve got nothing! It was all great! In regards to the boycotting, at this time I am keeping my lips zipped. Let’s see what the future awards show have to bring forth. Then we will talk.

Hugs,Love,Peace & Roars,
Lion Queen

The Night of the Little Gold Man…Oscar


Well it’s Oscar night. Personally I had no ideal until I saw a thread on my Facebook page mentioning the red carpet pre show. So I grabbed the laptop, am comfortable on the lounge chair, poured a wine, and since the Lion King is working tonight, I will begin to watch.

I am not watching to see who wins for what movie, I am merely watching to see the dresses, the bling, and maybe pick up a fashion do or don’t. Honestly, I think the last movie we went to see was “We’re the Millers”. Yep, it’s been a while.

So tonight, I am going to watch this event unfold, and then tomorrow I will be back with my take on the Academy Awards and my all around opinion.

I would love your input too. So tune in if you have absolutely nothing else to do, take note, and let’s compare tomorrow.

Hugs,Love, Peace & Roars,
Lion Queen

Happy Plants that Love the Shade!

Shade loving plants
I have a hard time finding flowers for my front yard due to big trees and shade. I came across these perennials to help me out in that area in my future planting. I wanted to share these if you are in a shaded area as well.

Perennials are plants that live for two years or more. Shrubs and trees generally keep growing; flowering perennials, on the other hand, typically grow and bloom in the spring and summer and then die back or go dormant in the fall and winter, only to return the following spring from root stock. While most perennials thrive in full or partial sun, several varieties do well in full shade and are thus popular garden plants for beds that are under trees or in covered patios.

Fuchsias are hardy shrubs with flowers shaped like bells rimmed by long, slender sepals. The four shorter petals that make up the inner “bell” and the longer sepals that cover the bell like a canopy are typically of complementary colors, such as purple and pink or pink and red. Most of the 100-plus species of fuchsia are native to South America and thrive in tropical climates. Fuchsias are often used in gardens under trees as decorative specimens alongside ferns and other green, non-flowering perennials.

Forget-Me-Nots are dense, low-growing plants that are a staple of shade gardens the world over. They have carpets of small green leaves punctuated by tiny blue flowers, each with five petals. They can tolerate full shade or partial shade and are fast growers.

Plantain Lily
The plantain lily, also known as “hosta,” has large clumps of lush green leaves and flowers that grow on spikes. Flowers are fragrant and typically come in the late summer; the leaves, which often are heart-shaped, stay green year-round. Hostas are easy to grow and like shade, which mimics their natural habitat, the forest floor.

Impatiens are fast-growing flowering plants with small heart-shaped leaves and brightly colored flowers that range in color from white to pink, salmon, orange and red. They propagate exceptionally fast and grow well in mass plantings. They literally shrink away in sun and thus are ideal for full-shade gardens; they often are planted in the foreground, behind fuchsias and ferns.

These Asian exports are known for their large clusters of tiny flowers, generally either pink or blue, depending on how much iron there is in the soil. The clusters of flowers resemble pom-poms and can be six inches or more in diameter. Hydrangeas are a mainstay of old-school gardens and while they can stand a little sun they prefer shade.

Who Hit the Lotto? Not the Barnes!

I love my car, I really do. It’s a 2003 Rav4, and it has truly been a friend to me. Plus, it’s paid for and the insurance is low. I know eventually I need to start considering a new vehicle, but I will be just plain honest, I don’t want to make another payment. I love the fact I get to have an extra 300.00-400.00 dollars a month, or more, depending on the make and model. The Lion King doesn’t have a car payment either, I am pretty sure he is digging that as well.

We don’t have a brand new home, which I will say, we are definitely starting to get a bit more serious about building a new home. This was my house and it has a past. I will be to the point in saying the Lion King is hubby #3 to be in this house with me. I am ready to be in a place that we can make “ours”. We recently started changing up the furniture which is a start in the right direction. Since there has been some “history” in this house starting with the fact, after I first moved into this house with my boys father, we found out there had been a bit of an accident in our front yard which involved a police chase, a convertible and a couple of deaths. That did put a bit of a damper on things. This was not disclosed to us as the house was sold in a sheriff’s sale, so that did not have to be revealed by the real estate company. I am getting off track here and will elaborate more on the history of this house in a future post. Let me just say, I think we are sitting on Indian burial ground here.

Every day I get on Face Book and see what people are up to. HOLY COW!! Where do people get all this money? Especially the younger crowd! If they aren’t building a new house, they are buying a new car, if not a new car, they are taking a trip…to another country. It just goes on and on. Kudo’s to them if they can do this stuff and not be strapped. The King and I live comfortably and apparently that is what we like. I cannot imagine living a life of trying to keep up with Jones’s and exhausting ourselves trying to out do the neighbor. I think I will just enjoy being a Barnes and not a Jones. I am going to continue to be a little bit frugal, enjoy my car payment free life, and not venture to far out of the country. As a woman in her 50’s I guess I am just comfortable and enjoying life the stress free way.

Now should we hit the lottery, I see a new car in my future.;)

Hugs, Love, Peace & Roars,
Lion Queen

Sparkling Apple Sangria

Refreshing this would be!

Serves 4 to 6
1 (750ml) bottle of Riesling (can sub Pinot Grigio)
1 red delicious apple, julienne
1 granny smith apple, julienne
1/2 (750ml) bottle of brut champagne or sparkling wine, chilled
1. Pour Riesling into a large pitcher and stir in apples. Place in the refrigerator and allow to sit for at least 2 hours and up to 24 hours.
2. Add champagne/sparkling wine, stir and serve.
**If your apples brown or get limp while infusing into the wine, strain the apples out and replace them with fresh ones before adding the champagne and serving. The fresh apples WILL float to the top for a bit, but the sangria will stay just as delicious.Sparkling-Green-Sangria-6a

Bling It & Bring It!

I might be 56 years old, but I absolutely love my bling! I am also so confident in myself that I love the way I dress. I dress and wear my bling according to me and only me. There are so many fun fashions out there for every age. For ever it seems that once a person reached a certain age, pretty much 40, fashion needed to change. It was then time for orthopedic shoes, knit pants with an elastic waist, and lose tops. Guess what, no more!

Fashion now is so fun! The thing is you don’t have to be a bling person to enjoy it. I admit, I am not the 5’2, 110 lb person I was in the last two years of school, I have bloomed, no doubt. But that’s age. I know I am over weight, but yet I do what I am supposed to do to stay healthy. So for me, at this age, that’s what matters. Meanwhile, I love my wardrobe. Ok, so I do open up my closet door and say, “I have nothing to wear!” It’s packed with clothes, HA!

I know I am doing something right in my attire when I have both women and men ask me where I shop. One of the guys at work one day stopped me and asked “Where do you get your clothes? You always look so nice and I love the way you dress.” This was not a “hit” on me, as this man is very loyal to his wife. This was something that he really wanted to know to pass on to his wife. (He wasn’t fond of her wardrobe) My hairdresser, who is in her 20’s always compliments me on my clothes when I go in to get my haircut. The cool thing is she also goes on to say how cute my Mom always looks when she comes in, which is every Friday. My Mom is 86 years old, and could put many younger women to shame when it comes to fashion! The woman has it going on! I absolutely love buying new accessories for her! She matches them up perfectly with her wardrobe. My Mom and I also have another fashion love in common…our boots. Oh how we love our boots! I have tons! High heel to low heel, high top to ankle. I will never give them up. That’s yet another thing I have going on at work, one of the guys calls me “Boots”. He actually notices if I have a new pair on.

I am no means bragging here. Well, maybe a tiny bit, only because I am flattered. But because it feels good to be complimented on the way we dress as women after 50. I am a true believer in, “Just because it comes in your size, doesn’t mean you should wear it.” #peopleofwalmart. But if it is in good taste, and you feel comfortable, who cares what the “rules, or others” say. Be yourself, express yourself, it’s not about them, it’s about you, break the rules! I dare you… 😉

Love, Hugs, Peace, & Roars,
Lion Queen

Fifties and only Beginning