Bling It & Bring It!

I might be 56 years old, but I absolutely love my bling! I am also so confident in myself that I love the way I dress. I dress and wear my bling according to me and only me. There are so many fun fashions out there for every age. For ever it seems that once a person reached a certain age, pretty much 40, fashion needed to change. It was then time for orthopedic shoes, knit pants with an elastic waist, and lose tops. Guess what, no more!

Fashion now is so fun! The thing is you don’t have to be a bling person to enjoy it. I admit, I am not the 5’2, 110 lb person I was in the last two years of school, I have bloomed, no doubt. But that’s age. I know I am over weight, but yet I do what I am supposed to do to stay healthy. So for me, at this age, that’s what matters. Meanwhile, I love my wardrobe. Ok, so I do open up my closet door and say, “I have nothing to wear!” It’s packed with clothes, HA!

I know I am doing something right in my attire when I have both women and men ask me where I shop. One of the guys at work one day stopped me and asked “Where do you get your clothes? You always look so nice and I love the way you dress.” This was not a “hit” on me, as this man is very loyal to his wife. This was something that he really wanted to know to pass on to his wife. (He wasn’t fond of her wardrobe) My hairdresser, who is in her 20’s always compliments me on my clothes when I go in to get my haircut. The cool thing is she also goes on to say how cute my Mom always looks when she comes in, which is every Friday. My Mom is 86 years old, and could put many younger women to shame when it comes to fashion! The woman has it going on! I absolutely love buying new accessories for her! She matches them up perfectly with her wardrobe. My Mom and I also have another fashion love in common…our boots. Oh how we love our boots! I have tons! High heel to low heel, high top to ankle. I will never give them up. That’s yet another thing I have going on at work, one of the guys calls me “Boots”. He actually notices if I have a new pair on.

I am no means bragging here. Well, maybe a tiny bit, only because I am flattered. But because it feels good to be complimented on the way we dress as women after 50. I am a true believer in, “Just because it comes in your size, doesn’t mean you should wear it.” #peopleofwalmart. But if it is in good taste, and you feel comfortable, who cares what the “rules, or others” say. Be yourself, express yourself, it’s not about them, it’s about you, break the rules! I dare you… 😉

Love, Hugs, Peace, & Roars,
Lion Queen

Devils Highway!

Every day I travel on a the road I refer to as the Devil’s Highway. Every single day something goes awry. It’s a given. I expressed on my FaceBook page that I found out today I was not prejudice against color as my verbiage was quite colorful during my drive in this morning. What do people not get about the rules of the road? Is it really that difficult?

Now I am not exactly sure what happened this morning on the Devil’s Highway, but it backed up traffic forever! I have to take a different highway, known around here as the Broken Arrow (BA) Expressway. This road is slowly becoming the 2nd worst highway in Tulsa, it will probably become known as the Spawn of the Satan in my book. I spent a good fifteen minutes on the BA, and the the exit ramp to get on to the Devil’s Highway. WHAT is the hold up?!!! I finally decided to focus solely on the radio and music to get me through this stop and go drive. We creeped, we crawled, we creeped, we crawled. Finally, I am on the Devil’s Highway! OH JEESH…SERIOUSLY, again?!! Meanwhile on the radio, they are talking about wrecks all over the place, but 169 is good. Uuuum NO! Again, car by car I ease my way on to the most dreaded highway in Tulsa. I start out in the right lane, that’s ok. I then ease my way to the middle lane, this is NOT ok! The middle lane is my panic lane, I feel trapped and I must get to the far left hand lane! After about five minutes of pure panic I am able to ease my way far left. Thank you Jesus! However, again, crawling and creeping started again! We finally approached the “Main Attraction”! It was a Loomis truck taking up two lanes of the southbound 169. Mind you I am northbound! This back up northbound all due to the rubber neckers! I left 10 minutes early due to rain, and got to work 15 minutes late!

I guess my point here is…WTH people? First of all, why is it that every time I am stuck in traffic I am always the person wondering what is going on? A wreck I get, but how many times does traffic come to a complete stop and you never know why…never, ever! That’s because you are stuck in the middle. You see traffic stopped forever in front of you, and there is no reasoning from your tiny location on the highway as to why! There is always the jerk who does NOT want you to get in front of him, whether you are entering from an on ramp, or merely trying to get into your much needed right, middle, or left lane, they see your signal, suddenly they are driving their cars like they just stole them and they are going to run you over to get out of town. 99% of the time, they get in front of you, then suddenly exit off on the far right.The tailgater…really? Do you not see the 5000 cars in front of me who are going with the flow of traffic?! Do you for some reason think you are more important and need to pass me? Guess what, you are not. Hence, I will continue with the flow, and if you think you need to pass me, good luck on going on to the shoulder! Well look at that would ya, there is a car stalled and pulled off to the side of the road. Yep to the side where you thought you would be making your grand exit. That happened today…hehehehe.

I really should just stick with the side roads, my blood pressure would probably decrease tremendously. Just because I am in my 50’s doesn’t mean I won’t let you know you are #1 occasionally if you really make me mad. However,these days I have become a bit more selective on using that sign language.

Hugs, Love, Peace & Roars,

Lion Queen

Facebook and the Election…GAWD…REALLY?!!!

The Lion King and I were talking tonight at dinner in regards to FaceBook. He asked me if I had seen my step daughters picture of her new hair cut. I told him no I had not. I then began to explain to him that when I get on FaceBook these days I merely scroll through a few posts and then I am done. Anymore it seems to be all the same blah, blah, blah. People don’t really express themselves as individuals, but rely on pictures and repeated posts. He agreed. He also mentioned the “political” post. OH GAWD! There he hit a nerve! Luckily the King hates political post as much as I do! Confirmation as to why I love this man!

He spoke words that I swear came straight from my mouth. “I will vote,but will tell no one who I voted for.” Thank you for that my King! Who I vote for and what party I belong to is NO ones business but mine! I actually had someone ask me the other day at work, when a certain political party was in town, if I was a Democrat or Republican. I looked at him and asked “Does it matter?” “I vote for the person, not the party.” He seemed a bit confused at first, but then chimed in on his agreement of my thoughts. I instantly thought BULLCRAP, No he didn’t just like so many others. People are so one minded, they don’t vote for the “person”, they vote for the “party”. Those people, no matter if their party was Satan himself, they would vote for him. Seriously people?!!!

So fart this year, it’s been a circus anyway. There is Trump, the next thing to possibly being the anti Christ. You have Sanders, the old guy, who might drop dead any second. Clinton, the smart biotch who you either love her, or you hate her. And a fourth who might make it, but probably wont. (Honestly I have no clue who it will be) Personally, right now I am just sitting back watching this show unfold.

As for the person know who posted “I would never let a (certain political party) walk through my front door”. So be it…you just screwed yourself out of a lot of food, fun and gifts. That’s ok though, the devil can take my place. 😉

Hugs, Love, Peace, and Roars,

Lion Queen

Irish Car Bomb Jello Shot…St. Paddy’s Day Fav! Party On!

Irish Car Bomb Jello Shot
irish car bomb shot
1 ¼ c Guinness Stout

½ c Jameson Irish Whiskey

1 c Bailey’s Irish Cream

4 packets unflavored gelatin

4 tsp granulated sugar


Pour Jameson into a bowl. Pour 2 packets of the unflavored gelatin onto the whiskey. Let sit for one minute, then stir to help it dissolve. In a separate bowl, pour the Guinness and stick in the microwave for about 80 seconds. Remove and add sugar. Stir until dissolved. Combine Guinness with whiskey mixture and stir until gelatin dissolves. Pour the mixture into jello shot cups, about ¾ full. Refrigerate a few hours until firm. Combine ¼ c cold water with ¼ c Bailey’s Irish Cream in a bowl. Sprinkle in 2 packets of unflavored gelatin. Let stand for one minute, then stir to help dissolve. Pour in ½ c boiling water and stir until gelatin is almost completely dissolved. Add ¾ c Baileys and stir another few minutes. Take jello cups out of the fridge and pour Bailey’s mixture on top. Refrigerate again until firm.

Fifties and only Beginning