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Traditonal School Days…


School party

Watching the news  and seeing schools already  tomorrow is just kind of sad. It’s not even the middle of August. Summer is still going strong, well in my eyes anyway for at least 2-3 more weeks. I guess that’s the price school kids have to pay these days for all of the days they take off during the year. Between holidays, Fall break, Winter break,Spring break, teacher conferences, snow days, not using snow days, teacher work days and any other reason they can find to take off, this seems to be the final result. School is out late May, and resumes mid August. How sad. I remember in school we ended right before Memorial Day, and resumed usually after Labor Day. We had a full blown Summer! Now this mind you is in the state Oklahoma. Some will be started tomorrow and it will continue until through  around August 24th or 25th.

I have to say I am elated that my grandson lives in a place where he does not start school until the day after Labor Day. My son and his family live in a  college town in the UP of Michigan. It still has a hometown atmosphere to it. They  have “Christmas” parties, “Valentine’s Day” parties, “Halloween” parties etc.  I love that Lucas is getting to experience all of the childhood things I experienced in elementary school. I know they will be moving again in the next year or so as my son is in the Army, and they do not stay in one place forever. I miss them terribly, but in the same breath, I am thrilled Lucas is getting to experience the feel of living in a place with “hometown” values. I am pretty sure there are more of us who believe in the “traditional” ways of schooling vs the “modern” version. My opinion, MODERN SUCKS! The fun thing is, I can say that because I am in my middle fifty’s and I don’t care what anyone else thinks.  I am pretty sure most everyone else who enjoys the thoughts of women after fifty will agree.

I actually started writing this on my FaceBook page as just a small opinion, and then realized I had much more to say about it. I told the Lion King, “Actually I am going to expand this and use it for my blog”. It’s not going to change the lives of students, it’s not going to congress, and it’s not going to change the opinions of those who lead our educational world. This is just a small blog on a grandmothers opinion on how she feels about  how school life was, how school life is, and how school should be.

Hugs, Love, Peace & Roars,

Lion Queen

A Great Gift Ideal!

Class of 2030

My granddaughter Paisley will be turning 3 in a few days. This will be one of her gifts. I absolutely love this ideal! She will graduate in 2030. I can’t wait to take a picture of her in it every year on her birthday until she graduates. The week of her graduation I will take one last picture. I am going to keep a little photo album for her with each years picture in it and give it to her on graduation day.

You could even do if for turning Sweet 16, or other turning points in their lives. Even one that says “Bride”! 😉  Great idea for our growing boys too!!

Love, Hugs, Peace & Roars,

Lion Queen


Lion Queen Blog

Welcome Ladies, to the Lion Queens Den!
I hope you will take time to look at our website on a daily basis and see the things in life that we, as women can enjoy, learn, and grow from after 50. We as women in this era have learned that life does not come to a halt at the age of 50. We do not have to start wearing polyester pants, and orthopedic shoes. Nor do we have to let our hair grow grey, stop wearing makeup that makes us look fabulous or nix those fabulous style of shoes we so love! We ladies, are in the 21st century, and life is just beginning!
As life is just beginning, so is our website. We will build each and every day to make this website bigger, and better for the things we think you are, or will be interested in. Please don’t hesitate to give us feedback, or make suggestions as to what you would like to see or hear about. We promise to have lots of informative and fun things in store for you, from my daily thoughts, and opinions (In all aspects), to lots of tips on health, beauty, grand parenting, home décor, fashions and even the “Lion Kings” opinion on topics, plus much more. It’s just the beginning!
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