A Friend….

Last night I met a few of my lady friends for a “Girls Night Out”.  We first met for dinner at the restaurant at the theater we where we were going to watch the movie “What Men Want”.  (Which was so funny, and all you ladies need to go watch it!) 

As one of our friends asked for some prayers, one thing led to another and one of my friends who I have known since 7th grade began to tell us a story of a blessing she received from God. 

I, in the past few months have felt like I  have failed myself, and  God has failed me. Due to circumstances that have been totally out of our hands, and can only be changed by the hand of God.

The Lion King  and I have been extremely busy the past few months, and have put God 2nd, maybe even 3rd in life, because prayers have not been answered.  Once my friend started telling us her story, I was in awwww. Then I realized, this is why we are on the back burner. She spoke of how she had been praying for a friend she has that was needing some financial help. She wasn’t sure what she could do. My friend and her husband are building a house, and of course needing their money for that.  

To make a long story short, she told  us  of an inheritance her Father-in-Law received, which unto an unfortunate incident turned into a bigger inheritance for him. He showed up to their temporary residence while their home is being built and handed her an envelope. She opened the envelope and it was the EXACT  amount she had been praying for her friend. 

She told us her over whelming feelings and how she took the check to her friend, who had no ideal that what was going on. It turns out  her friend’s husband had been sick for quite some time, and they could not meet their mortgage payment and were about to lose their home. This money, saved them. 

My friend has much more going on in her life, that many people have no ideal about. She is a trooper. She does not put her personal hardships out to the social media for the world to see and has a heart of gold for those she cares about about and loves. She moves along, she is determined, and she gets things done no matter what. She is an inspiration.

No matter how hard our own struggles are, there is someone struggling even more. 

We  all need to learn from my friend. 

God does hear our prayers and needs. And more so than not we need to surrender our needs to him. 

Hugs, Love, Peace & Roars, 

Lion Queen

Life Can Be Complicated…But We Prevail!

It’s been a long few months and I know I haven’t had my game on in the past several weeks. Work has been hard which I mentioned in my last post. Oklahoma did a modernization from 3.2 beer to strong beer and wine,  being now sold in grocery stores as well as convenient stores.  This was BIG for Oklahoma. Since I work for a major beer distributorship in Oklahoma, this of course has impacted not only my business life, but my personal life as well. Thankfully I am blessed with a very understanding husband who has stood by my side every single day as I have come home exhausted, crabby, vented, and even cried.

Just as it seemed to be getting better, my extremely healthy Mom unexpectantly experienced a small stroke. That has been hard to comprehend, as she is 89 and has never experienced anything like this. She has been so healthy for years, never had any type of surgery, no heart issues,no broken bones, nothing. So of course when my sister called me on Saturday to explain the situation of what took place on that Friday night, it took quite some time to wrap my head around all of it. To make a long story short, they admitted her on the Saturday before Halloween, she stayed for a week.  My sister stayed with her during the day, and I stayed with her during the night. Thankfully my sister  is able to stay with her 24-7, being sure she has everything she needs. She is doing doing great and will have some physical therapy for the next 6 weeks. But other than that she is a strong woman who has made a great recovery and I still see her out living all of us! As you can see in the picture, she is beautiful! Her heart is just as beautiful as her outside!

I want to thank you all for sticking with us, and loving, liking and laughing at our Face Book page Heart and Soul of Women. We so love each and everyone of you, and so thankful you continue to support us.

I see nothing but good things to come in the future. I love writing, sharing, making you a part of our lives, and you sharing your lives with us!

Hugs, Love, Peace, & Roars,

Lion Queen

Fifties and only Beginning