The Night of the Little Gold Man…Oscar


Well it’s Oscar night. Personally I had no ideal until I saw a thread on my Facebook page mentioning the red carpet pre show. So I grabbed the laptop, am comfortable on the lounge chair, poured a wine, and since the Lion King is working tonight, I will begin to watch.

I am not watching to see who wins for what movie, I am merely watching to see the dresses, the bling, and maybe pick up a fashion do or don’t. Honestly, I think the last movie we went to see was “We’re the Millers”. Yep, it’s been a while.

So tonight, I am going to watch this event unfold, and then tomorrow I will be back with my take on the Academy Awards and my all around opinion.

I would love your input too. So tune in if you have absolutely nothing else to do, take note, and let’s compare tomorrow.

Hugs,Love, Peace & Roars,
Lion Queen