Post Academy….

I have to say, for the first time in a very long time, I actually enjoyed the Oscars. Chris Rock was comical, and straight forward in regards to the Oscars being boycotted. Everything he said was spot on. The speeches were short and sweet, there was nothing long and drawn out. Lady Gaga was exceptional! There was nothing eye catching about the way the actress’s dressed, they all had the same theme. Low cut to the belly button, no necklace, which I am assuming was to focus on cleavage, nice earrings and an occasional nice bracelet.

As much as I was ready to throw the Oscars under the bus, I have to say, for this year, I’ve got nothing! It was all great! In regards to the boycotting, at this time I am keeping my lips zipped. Let’s see what the future awards show have to bring forth. Then we will talk.

Hugs,Love,Peace & Roars,
Lion Queen