Weight Watchers It Is!

I have finally decided I need help and support in losing weight. I have now decided to join Weight Watchers. To reach my Life Time goal I have to lose 45 lbs. Once I reach that goal I will become a life time member and will no longer have to pay membership fees.

My first meeting was last Wednesday night. As of this morning I had lost 4 lbs, but now it’s the weekend, full blown in all of it’s glory! Once I get past this first weekend, and learning the weekend do’s and don’ts I think I will be good. My biggest downfall will be  my wine. I love to come home, pour a glass of wine, and drink it through out the evening. I don’t guzzle, I sip. But I like to come home, pour a glass as a just chill out moment, then have one while I am cooking, especially if I am watching Jacques Pepin. Yes, I have a little TV in the kitchen, that of course takes me through dinner, and then my chill out glass to wind down the night. I enjoy my wine, and will not lie about it. It relaxes me, takes me away from work, ( which I have mentioned before, I work for a major beer/wine/spirits distributor here in Oklahoma)…but stress level gets extremely high at times. So with all that being said…Momma has to change her life style.

I noticed at WW the other evening they had wine glasses marked with oz you could have. I might have to purchase one of those.  So far I have done really well. We went to a concert the other night and I had zero wine. That’s a first for me, but I did it, and I was so proud of myself. The weekend has arrived and I have counted my points and been very disciplined. I’ve got this!

Will keep you posted! Please support me and share your weight loss tactics with me!

Hugs, Love, Peace and Roars,

Lion Queen