The BEST of SNL!!!

Oh my gosh! There was nothing better than growing up in 70’s and turning on the tube at 10:30, especially if you were somewhere other than home, take a toke or eat a brownie, wink, wink. Especially if you were at a friends house and their parents were gone, LOL! Then tuning into Saturday Night Live! This group, in this picture was the best ever, they are 70’s legends. So many laughs, Saturday nights, and being with friends and we didn’t even leave the house! Why? Because we simply wanted to stay home and watch them.

Thank you SNL for being a HUGE part of great teenage memories!

Hugs, Love, Peace & Roars,

Lion Queen

Love A Room with Color!

I am my Father’s daughter.  My Dad never liked drab colors and one of his favorite colors was the robin egg blue. I am so tired of drab colors, it seems like that is all I have seen forever, and of course the “trend” right now. I am transitioning into color more and more. It just gives a room so much more personality. It doesn’t have to be over kill, but it gives a room life! Life is good, and it just adds so much happiness to a room! And of course we all want happy!

Love, Hugs, Peace & Roars,

Lion Queen