Love a REAL Man!


As the Lion King and I sat in the restaurant tonight and he pointed out the kid with the “Man” bun, I told him, not to worry. I am going to make a post in regards to just that. He said ” What do you mean?” I told him after watching “Game of Thrones” with one of our heroes Jon Snow, and then watching “Vikings” I am going to show the world who deserves to wear a man bun. It is not the present, but the past.

I myself prefer a man with strength, honor, and integrity. A man who will fight for all that he knows is right. A man who will not only defend me but our country. It all boils down to a “fighter”. If someone is going to “support” a man bun, they better be able to support everyone and everything in their lives.

So this is just a little rant of mine about “man” buns. If you feel the need to sport one, be just that, a man. Own it, make it yours! Women will find you much hotter than if you have one, just work 9-5, then go home and eat your Blue Apron meal. 😉

Hugs, Love, Peace & Roars,

Lion Queen

Now is the Time to Take a Knee….

Our country needs prayers…please get down on your knees and pray. Especially for our military who fights for our country. My son is a recruiter for the Army and will not be paid until this shut down is over. I know there must be many of you who are being impacted by this in the same manner, along with all the others who have government positions that will  be impacted.  Please take a knee, put your hands together and look towards our God for a healing of our nation.

Hugs, Love, Peace, and Roars, …but over all Prayers,

Lion Queen