Super Bowl Sunday!


Ok, so here it is.  I am not a Patriots fan, at all! Nor, am I an Eagles fan. I back my Green Bay Packers 100 % , unfortunately this was not their year as Aaron Rodgers was injured early on.  But I will say I am  if one team was going to win tonight it was the Eagles! I am so happy for them!

I, along with so many others watch the Super Bowl when “our” team is not playing merely to watch the commercials. They bring to us fun, laughter and emotion. However, this year I didn’t see that much laughter. I saw unity, diversity being set aside, and a world full of hope needing to be reunited. A world without color, nationality, and in my country, the USA not being judged for being a Democrat or Republican. I saw what God wants us to see every single day, a world of love, no judgement, no blaming, no harshness, no discrimination, no hate, just his world.  A world full of love.

Would it not be great just to wake up every single day, to turn on the news and hear there was no bad news to report. Just in our own, or surrounding city. that no one died, or no one was injured due to hate, anger, color, jealousy, drugs or gangs.  Just to hear the words, “We have no news to report. It was a peaceful, loving night.”

I told my Lion King tonight as we watched the game and commercials, “We always watched this game not only for the teams we wanted to cheer on, but for the laughter of the commercials, they were so fun.” But our world has become so bitter, we have to unite people through advertising to make everyone see the world our God wants us to be. I myself think that is sad. We should be able to see that daily, not through advertising. I thank the sponsers for bringing life to light, but in the same breath, I think that we the people need to see the reality and bring it to light.  Let’s continue to see people through our eyes as souls, and not bodies.

I am ready for laughter in our commercials,  Let’s make that happen! Super Bowl 2019…bring it on!

Hugs, Love, Peace & Roars, 

Lion Queen