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Lion QueenLeigh Ann Davis Barnes “Lion Queen Arthur”

Susan Tucker

We are two Oklahoma ladies that started this in our  mid fifties,  who have very busy lives, but decided one day, we would make a great team in creating a website for women after the age of 50.  One of us is married,  and the other just has been single mucho time. We have hit our 60’s now. Look Out! Leigh Ann does the writing and I do the back end stuff.

We have both experienced life in many aspects .  We each have been married,  been divorced,  have children, and grandchildren.  We have suffered through the loss of parents, one of us a sibling, of course grandparents and many other family members.  Now, as sad as it is, our close friends and classmates.  We work hard, we play harder. And we love it!  But, in the same breath, we have life, and sometimes we never know what life will throw at us.

Even though our children are grown, we stay busy with every day life.   Actually, we think more so now  than when we had children at home!  It’s never ending!  But, we love it!  It keeps our minds and hearts young!

We want to share with you all we have learned and all we are still learning regarding being past the age of 50.

Hugs, Love, Peace & Roars

Leigh Ann Davis Barnes “The Lion Queen”        &

Susan Tucker aka “Lillee”


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Susan Cantrell Tucker

Fifties and only Beginning