As I sit here tonight stretched out on the chaise lounge, lap top in hand, well actually on lap, sipping on a glass of wine, I am trying to get past some pain. Not emotional, pure physical! 7 years ago this month, I went with a dear friend to a crazy exercise/dance class they called “ZUMBA’. Who knew I would be so addicted to it, that I have stuck with it all these years!

Back in the day when I started and said the word ZUMBA, people looked at me like I was crazy! But since then, it took off and has now become one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world of fitness. You are probably wondering why after seven years I am in pain today, well I took a little break due to an extremely busy life since October, along with needing to give my lower back a bit of a rest as well. I have this thing about heels, and at 56 that’s probably not a good addiction to have, especially when there are days I walk a lot at my job. But that addiction is for another days topic. Anyway, I started back tonight, having a love/hate relationship with every song and movement. But it is so worth it and I am extremely proud of every drop of sweat that hits the floor! My instructor Jenny is the best of the best, and she is one reason I have stuck with it for so many years. When you have someone with such enthusiasm, zest and love for what she does, one can’t help but be as determined as she is and admire her for the constant encouragement she gives to her students! We started out in a tiny room at the rec center with about 4 of us twice a week. Now we have moved to the gymnasium, she does 4 nights a week with at least 20-30 people in each class, sometimes more!

Give it a try ladies, you will love it! I have to go get some Advil now.

Hugs, Love, Peace,  and Roars!

Lion Queen

So Fun Being A Grandparent!

Saturday my granddaughter Paisley came over for few minutes. Her Daddy, one of my Lion Cubs, was helping with some new furniture. So Paisley and I went to the back fence where there are lots of shrubs and who knows what else. She followed our pup Rosie. Rosie went beyond “the zone” and Paisley was bent over trying to find her. I whispered and said “Paisley, what do you see?” “Do you see Big Foot?”…she shook her head and said “Yes”…I whispered and said “Do you want to go back there and find him?”…she whispered and said “no”….That’s all it took! Busted out laughing! Love my grandbabies!

Just an after 50 Fashion Tip

Ladies, we all want that long, beautiful mane. But reality is, it doesn’t work that well after 40, let alone 50. I myself let go of the long locks several years ago, and it was not easy. I was out eating with the family one night and started noticing  the women coming into the pizza parlor and their ages. Oh my! I went the next weekend and got a nice shoulder length cut! It made a world of difference!

I eventually went to the pixie cut, which people loved, but personally I think my head is to big for that, but LOTS  of 50’s women look adorable with that. I have decided for the moment I am going with maybe a shoulder length cut, but absolutely nothing further! Only two people I know can pull that long locks look off. Dyan Cannon, the actress and my friend Tommie, who has the most amazing head of long red hair I have ever seen!

The Lion Queen’s Favorite Place

We all have a special place we like to go to. I have a friend who loves her cruises, another who loves her St. Louis Cardinals, so if there is a game and she can be there, she’s got a seat! I work with a lady who loves to go unwind at the casino, (that’s fun, but I lose $20.00 I start getting a bit on the jittery side) I have a cousin who loves to go out and shoot guns with her husband, and a cousin-in-law who just can’t get in enough world travel.

There are so many places in our lives that just make us happy and bring us contentment. My Lion King and I love to take a ride on the Harley. He is a full blown biker who will grab that moment every chance he gets. As much as I would love to ride with him every time, I seem to have other commitments way to often. We go to Blues, Bikes & Barbecue every year in Fayetteville, AR. That is one place I love! We go into a whole other world away from our work place and most of our family. It’s almost like we have a secret life that not everyone is comfortable stepping into. We do that for 3 days, and then step back into the every day grind. But I love it!

I have to say though, as much as I love going to Arkansas, and other places as well, in the words of Dorothy Gale (Wizard of Oz), “There’s no place like home”. I told my co-worker this evening when leaving work, “I just want to get home to my happy place”. That my dear friends is where it’s at. If your den is happy,that should be your favorite place. If it’s not, your den need’s a fixin.  Roar like a Queen, and start it, now!

Hugs, Love, Peace & Roars,

Lion Queen


Lion Queen Blog

Welcome Ladies, to the Lion Queens Den!
I hope you will take time to look at our website on a daily basis and see the things in life that we, as women can enjoy, learn, and grow from after 50. We as women in this era have learned that life does not come to a halt at the age of 50. We do not have to start wearing polyester pants, and orthopedic shoes. Nor do we have to let our hair grow grey, stop wearing makeup that makes us look fabulous or nix those fabulous style of shoes we so love! We ladies, are in the 21st century, and life is just beginning!
As life is just beginning, so is our website. We will build each and every day to make this website bigger, and better for the things we think you are, or will be interested in. Please don’t hesitate to give us feedback, or make suggestions as to what you would like to see or hear about. We promise to have lots of informative and fun things in store for you, from my daily thoughts, and opinions (In all aspects), to lots of tips on health, beauty, grand parenting, home décor, fashions and even the “Lion Kings” opinion on topics, plus much more. It’s just the beginning!
Stay tuned and know that life after 50 does not end, but it is the beginning of “Hear Me Roar!”
Remember, we create our own destiny’s and dens.

Hugs, Love,Peace & Roars,
Lion Queen

Fifties and only Beginning