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Life Can Be Complicated…But We Prevail!

It’s been a long few months and I know I haven’t had my game on in the past several weeks. Work has been hard which I mentioned in my last post. Oklahoma did a modernization from 3.2 beer to strong beer and wine,  being now sold in grocery stores as well as convenient stores.  This was BIG for Oklahoma. Since I work for a major beer distributorship in Oklahoma, this of course has impacted not only my business life, but my personal life as well. Thankfully I am blessed with a very understanding husband who has stood by my side every single day as I have come home exhausted, crabby, vented, and even cried.

Just as it seemed to be getting better, my extremely healthy Mom unexpectantly experienced a small stroke. That has been hard to comprehend, as she is 89 and has never experienced anything like this. She has been so healthy for years, never had any type of surgery, no heart issues,no broken bones, nothing. So of course when my sister called me on Saturday to explain the situation of what took place on that Friday night, it took quite some time to wrap my head around all of it. To make a long story short, they admitted her on the Saturday before Halloween, she stayed for a week.  My sister stayed with her during the day, and I stayed with her during the night. Thankfully my sister  is able to stay with her 24-7, being sure she has everything she needs. She is doing doing great and will have some physical therapy for the next 6 weeks. But other than that she is a strong woman who has made a great recovery and I still see her out living all of us! As you can see in the picture, she is beautiful! Her heart is just as beautiful as her outside!

I want to thank you all for sticking with us, and loving, liking and laughing at our Face Book page Heart and Soul of Women. We so love each and everyone of you, and so thankful you continue to support us.

I see nothing but good things to come in the future. I love writing, sharing, making you a part of our lives, and you sharing your lives with us!

Hugs, Love, Peace, & Roars,

Lion Queen

Trying New Beers…Boulevard KC Pilsner. It’s AWESOME!

I have to say, working for a beer distributor does have it perks! I get to try lots of different beers when the brewery reps bring them in. No complaints from me! Not long ago Boulevard brought in some samples for us to try. I brought home a 4 pack of those beers. KC Pilsner was one of them. Though I am a wine person, the Lion King is a beer man, and I am enjoying beer more and more. I always take a taste or two of the beers I bring home before turning the bottle over to him. I have to say, this Boulevard KC Pilsner was the bomb!

Luke and I went to the liquor store Saturday evening looking for this beer and they did not have it, so he opted for the Sam Adams Fall Variety pack, which we love Sam Adams as well. However, I was a bit disappointed they did not have this Boulevard. The good news is, in exactly two weeks we are going to Kansas City and we will be touring the Boulevard Brewery. I think we will get a little extra treatment since my company is a distributor of Boulevard. Also, October 1st, Oklahoma becomes a “Strong” beer state which means we will no longer sale low point (3.2) beer, but high point (anything above 3.2) beer. Along with being able to sell wine in stores other than liquor stores. This is BIG for Oklahoma! There will be only two states left in the US carrying low point beer, one being Kansas and their transition going all high point,  will be happening in April 2019, and Utah. Not sure what Utah’s plans are moving forward. I personally think breweries will not be making low point for just one state.

But now, with all of that being said, the Lion King and I both loved the KC Pilsner, and if you are a fan of a beer that is above average, and not over hoppy, this is the beer for you! Please try it and give us your feed back.  We would love to hear from you! Especially if you are Kansas City fan!!

Hugs, Love, Peace & Roars,

Lion Queen